Neolithic Cheesecake (roisnoir) wrote in roisgarden,
Neolithic Cheesecake

An Update!

An update! An update!
Yes, I've been busy, and haven't been updating.

But tonight, I've got a new gallery for you - this one is of the Katlyn, being worn by Katlyn. (How convenient is that? *grin*)

The URL of the gallery is

As usual, this gallery is only going to be up for a week or two, and is intended for the members of this mailing list and my friends. Go ahead and share it with your friends if you like, but please don't send it to any high-traffic mailing lists or anything.

The second bit of news concerns the people in the SF Bay area - I've got corsets up at Stormy Leather! Currently, there are only a few, but they're there. I'm incredibly pleased to have them there, and it's a major compliment to my skills that they think enough of my work to want to sell it.

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