Neolithic Cheesecake (roisnoir) wrote in roisgarden,
Neolithic Cheesecake

Finished! (Pink & White #5)

Finally done...
Got the grommets in (and broke a nail) this evening.

Preliminary photos are shown here. I have to find something I can put this piece on - it's bigger than my usual pillow can display properly.

It gets mailed tomorrow morning.
I only hope that the woman to whom it belongs finds it as lovely as I do!

This piece is a basic Victorian with raw silk and a white lace overlay, edged in white satin, with extra boning, and silver grommets.

And please excuse my hideous beige carpeting. I'll never understand why landlords insist on using the stuff. Feh!

I'm totally in love with the shade of pink used - but then, I would be, since it's the same pink as I use on the site. This lady has TASTE! *grin*
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