Neolithic Cheesecake (roisnoir) wrote in roisgarden,
Neolithic Cheesecake


it's been a long while since I updated this thing, hasn't it?

Anyhow, I'm redesigning the site, and adding four new styles of corset.

Also, I'm adding purses, skirts, bloomers, chemises, hoops, and a handful of other items, just for the fun of it.

I'm in the process of cobbling together product images and sketches, which isn't being helped by the fact that I can't find the charger for the camera, I haven't got access to a scanner, and most of my sewing stuff is still in boxes, so it may be a while yet.

But once everything is updated and lovely, I'll post it to the world. Trust me. *grin*

Just WAIT until you see the box purses... I carried the prototype around and everyone *loves* it.
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