Neolithic Cheesecake (roisnoir) wrote in roisgarden,
Neolithic Cheesecake

roisgarden update 11/16/02

I'm not sure how all of you are finding this site, but I'm glad you are!

I've a new gallery up today - it features a beautiful blonde in a blue velvet underbust. As usual, it'll be up for a week or two. Go ahead and share the URL with your friends, but no high-traffic lists, please.

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A set of photos snapped by Katlyn ... who grabbed my camera from me. *grin*

Erk. I know you're at least semi-teasing, but didn't think it was a bad thing... and I thought I asked permission. Me sorry.

(Side note: If you link to the WinterHart page, you get rid of the annoying AOL banner if you use the address instead of the hometown one. Just an FYI... that's usually how I link to it.)

I'll work on the color of some of those images and get them to you soon?

It's NOT a bad thing *grin*.. the shots I snapped were pretty awful. You do a much better job than I do.

And I'll update links later - my wrists are killing me and I need to take a break from the computer.