Neolithic Cheesecake (roisnoir) wrote in roisgarden,
Neolithic Cheesecake

Newest corset..

Well, it looks like the Edwardian is going to be a permanant addition to the line. (Kat - it's got very low hips.. you'll like it. *laugh*)

Scaling it is easier than I thought it would be, and it looks like it's going to go together well. I've got the test piece cut. Need to baste the silk to the canvas, and then start construction.

I'm doing it up in eggshell silk with a woven stripe. (Gorgeous fabric.) Unsure if I'm going to go with a closed front or a busk. I'll play with it once I've got the sides together.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get a co-worker into it for photos.

Once the tiny test piece (20" waist) is complete, I'll make up the one I drafted for myself. Can't decide what fabrics I want to make it in, though. Red leopard print? black and red snakeskin? bronze taffeta with stars? purple print with grinning spiders? I'm slightly overwhelmed with choices. I should probably just do black satin and get over it. *laugh*
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