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roisgarden corsetry's Journal

Saturday, July 26, 2003

10:12AM - Roisgarden Udate 7/26/03

It's been a long while since I've updated the site.
It turns out that my landlord won't allow me to run a business out of the apartment, and I don't care to move again this soon.
So Roisgarden Corsetry is closed until further notice.

I plan to use this downtime to re-draft my corset patterns (they went missing in the move, and there were a few changes I wanted to make to the base patterns anyhow), as well as develop some new styles and new items like skirts, purses, chokers, historical underwear, and the like.

As I make things, I *do* plan to add more galleries - I'm keeping those up - and this list will be used primarily to announce them.
As always, anytime you want to be off the list, simply send me a note letting me know, and I'll remove you immediately.

Thanks for your support and interest!

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

10:04PM - wow...

it's been a long while since I updated this thing, hasn't it?

Anyhow, I'm redesigning the site, and adding four new styles of corset.

Also, I'm adding purses, skirts, bloomers, chemises, hoops, and a handful of other items, just for the fun of it.

I'm in the process of cobbling together product images and sketches, which isn't being helped by the fact that I can't find the charger for the camera, I haven't got access to a scanner, and most of my sewing stuff is still in boxes, so it may be a while yet.

But once everything is updated and lovely, I'll post it to the world. Trust me. *grin*

Just WAIT until you see the box purses... I carried the prototype around and everyone *loves* it.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

3:38PM - New Fabrics Added Today..

I went shopping, and came home with my arms full.
I just wish I didn't have to carry it all home, else I'd have gotten a few more things!

Check out the new goodies here!

Current mood: pleased

Sunday, November 24, 2002

7:58AM - Heh.

Added pictures of boning, busks, and grommets to the site.

Terribly exciting, I know. *grin*
You can get to them from the various Options pages, if you really want to see.

Saturday, November 16, 2002

8:21AM - roisgarden update 11/16/02

I'm not sure how all of you are finding this site, but I'm glad you are!

I've a new gallery up today - it features a beautiful blonde in a blue velvet underbust. As usual, it'll be up for a week or two. Go ahead and share the URL with your friends, but no high-traffic lists, please.



Friday, November 15, 2002

10:22PM - Whoo!

A new design for the site.

Sorta, anyhow.
The main design is the same.
The colors are slightly different, and some of the images are changed. But it's updated. I feel good.

Monday, October 28, 2002

8:21PM - An Update!

An update! An update!
Yes, I've been busy, and haven't been updating.

But tonight, I've got a new gallery for you - this one is of the Katlyn, being worn by Katlyn. (How convenient is that? *grin*)

The URL of the gallery is http://roisgarden.com/nbcf

As usual, this gallery is only going to be up for a week or two, and is intended for the members of this mailing list and my friends. Go ahead and share it with your friends if you like, but please don't send it to any high-traffic mailing lists or anything.

The second bit of news concerns the people in the SF Bay area - I've got corsets up at Stormy Leather! Currently, there are only a few, but they're there. I'm incredibly pleased to have them there, and it's a major compliment to my skills that they think enough of my work to want to sell it.


Sunday, October 13, 2002

3:00PM - Taking a break..

The XS Roxy for Stormy is close to done - channels are half in. Four more to match it. *grin*

Got an email from someone who bought a pattern from me, with a link to pictures of the corset she made from it. I love seeing what people have done with my patterns. And I feel good because she made something for herself that she loves. And it's beautiful, so that's nice too. *laugh*

Current mood: accomplished

Thursday, October 10, 2002

10:38PM - Katlyn's Corset - At Last!

At last, I've finished Katlyn's corset.
It's gorgeous. And I'm never making another one.

And I've learned that if I'm making a piece with fixed straps, the edge binding of the straps goes on BEFORE I put the boning in.

Heh. Never let it be said that I don't learn something new with each piece I make. *grin*

Current mood: accomplished

Friday, October 4, 2002

2:10PM - Whoo!

So, I'm making 5 black satin Roxys for Stormy Leather. Once those are done, we're going to go with a second style and size run (hopefully!).

I'm psyched.

All good things.

Current mood: excited

Sunday, September 29, 2002

10:41AM - roisgarden update 9-29-02

Yes, I've got an update!

I finally got the second set of Chanta images back from the photographer of the shoot we did a few weeks ago - they're lovely!

This gallery is only going to be up for a week or two, and is intended for the members of my mailing list and my friends. Go ahead and share it with your friends if you like, but please don't send it to any high-traffic mailing lists or anything.

These images are also slightly more explicit than the previous two galleries - I think they look fine, but you may not share my views. Yes, everything is covered up, but with a rather see-though lace, if you get what I'm talking about. Use your own judgement as to whether or not you'd like to see them.

The URL of the gallery is http://roisgarden.com/caww

Sunday, September 22, 2002

3:27PM - You're going to be so sick of seeing this...

Corsets for sale!

The white silk Edwardian, a pink PVC Baroque, and the gold Britomart are all up on ebay.

Saturday, September 21, 2002

10:33AM - Uck.

I have beena total slacker about keeping things updated.

I've got the final version of the pattern done for the antique gold super-custom-totally-one-of-a-kind Strapped Overbust. All I need to do now is start cutting.

I should be heading to the fabric store today to get pale pink satin for an upcoming Roxy.

And I need to catch the girl who is getting the tuxedo corset, and get measurements from her. And finalize the design.

There's talk about doing shoots of my stuff to submit to SkinTwo and Renaissance Magazine..

And the Stormy Leather thing is on hold briefly, but looks like it will be happening.

Good things.
All good things.

I could get used to this. *grin*

Current mood: pleased

Monday, September 2, 2002

1:27PM - At last!

A picture of a completed Rapture.

Isn't it lovely?

And -full coverage- too.
Even without the straps.

Sunday, August 25, 2002

9:50AM - Edwardian Corset

Well, I finally finished it, despite the distractions inherent in Black Adder.

I'm going to try and ambush Liz tomorrow and see if I can't get some quick images of her in this piece to post on the site, but the standard roisgarden-awful-photography-of-a-corset-on-a-pillow images are up.

More images here: http://roisgarden.com/gallery/edwardian_whitestripedsilk.php

I'm very pleased with the way this came out. And Kat, we're one step closer to your piece - I like the hips on this one a lot.

Current mood: pleased

Sunday, August 18, 2002

10:35AM - Newest corset..

Well, it looks like the Edwardian is going to be a permanant addition to the line. (Kat - it's got very low hips.. you'll like it. *laugh*)

Scaling it is easier than I thought it would be, and it looks like it's going to go together well. I've got the test piece cut. Need to baste the silk to the canvas, and then start construction.

I'm doing it up in eggshell silk with a woven stripe. (Gorgeous fabric.) Unsure if I'm going to go with a closed front or a busk. I'll play with it once I've got the sides together.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get a co-worker into it for photos.

Once the tiny test piece (20" waist) is complete, I'll make up the one I drafted for myself. Can't decide what fabrics I want to make it in, though. Red leopard print? black and red snakeskin? bronze taffeta with stars? purple print with grinning spiders? I'm slightly overwhelmed with choices. I should probably just do black satin and get over it. *laugh*

Wednesday, August 7, 2002

9:55PM - Site Update

So, at last an update of sorts..

I just got the first set of images back from the photographer of the shoot we did a few weeks ago (she's got her own sites to worry about - and I'm not in any sort of rush), and had to share them with you all! There will be a second set in the near future, which I'll probably post when I get them.

This gallery is only going to be up for a week or two, and is intended for the members of this mailing list and my friends. Go ahead and share it with your friends if you like, but please don't send it to any high-traffic mailing lists or anything.

Some of the pictures will go onto the regular Underbust gallery page - as soon as I figure out which ones I want to use.

the URL of the gallery is http://roisgarden.com/dgots

("dgots" is for "Dead Girl on the Stairs" - you'll see what I mean when you see some of the images.)

Friday, August 2, 2002

11:34PM - Finished! (Pink & White #5)

Finally done...
Got the grommets in (and broke a nail) this evening.

Preliminary photos are shown here. I have to find something I can put this piece on - it's bigger than my usual pillow can display properly.

It gets mailed tomorrow morning.
I only hope that the woman to whom it belongs finds it as lovely as I do!

This piece is a basic Victorian with raw silk and a white lace overlay, edged in white satin, with extra boning, and silver grommets.

And please excuse my hideous beige carpeting. I'll never understand why landlords insist on using the stuff. Feh!

I'm totally in love with the shade of pink used - but then, I would be, since it's the same pink as I use on the site. This lady has TASTE! *grin*

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

11:11AM - Pink & White, #4 - the quickie update

Got most of the bone channels in. If I'm not utterly brainfried tonight, I'll be able to finish that, cut the boning, and start on the edging.
Have to remember to dig out the white satin when I get home.

Monday, July 29, 2002

9:49PM - Pink & White, update 3

Got the basic construction finished. (We were watching the Time Machine - the new one - and Guy Pierce (yummy!) was very distracting, so it took longer than it should have. But I got to ogle Mr. Yummy, so it's not a bad thing.)

Now it's just boning, edging, and grommeting. And taking pictures of each step, of course.

I should be able to finish this piece by the end of the week. *bounce* Is a good thing, no?

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